Aerial Gymnastics & Gymnastics

AERIAL GYMNASTICS 6+                                      PLEASE NOTE: All children must enter the gym by the themselves.                               

Perform some of the most challenging shapes in Gymnastics such as the 'gazelle' and 'splits' in a hoop, loop or silk. These shapes may look easy when someone can do them but we all know how much hardwork it takes if you can't and even more so when you have to them in the hoop, loop or silk. During these sessions you will warm up, stretch and practice. You must always warm up before you stretch. Stretching cold muscles will inevitably lead to injury. After the warm up you will do a series of stretches. It is important that we open up the body as much as we can to make the shapes look beautiful. Aerial Gymnastics challenges your body week in week out to get stronger and more flexible. You will notice this when you're rewarded with new shapes and routines.

PLEASE NOTE: All children must enter the gym by the themselves.
Grass roots gymnastics club includes floor, tumbling, beam and bars. At Infinity Gym we want to give the children a good start to their gymnastics experience. The classes are fun and challenging. The children will learn the basics and move on to flicks & tucks. As part of the children's development in strength and flexibility, they will also have the opportunity to use the aerial hoops, aerial loops, aerial silks and climbing wall. Their also a 12 metre long tumble track for the children to further practice all the moves they learn during their time within our club.