Gymnastics Camp 6+ years

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Ages from 6+ years

Only participants allowed in the building. All children must enter by themselves.

2 hours of physical fun through Gymnastics to improve strength, fitness, flexibility, body mechanics, body awareness and conditioning.

Not only that, they will social with other children and build their confidence.




Aerial Gymnastics


Gymnastics conditioning

Make sure your child brings a drink and a snack. Alternatively bring some change for the vending machine. Everything in the vending machine is 50p.

Please leave a message with an emergency contact number and any medical conditions/allergies that may effect your child during the session. If you forget to do to this, please email information to

Doors open 5 minutes before session starts. Doors reopen when session finishes.

Unfortunately no cancellations or refunds accepted due to admin time to process cancellations and refunds.

Discount available for Infinity Gymnastics Club members. Please get in touch for details.