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WODs (Workout of the day) every Tuesday. Challenge yourself in these workouts to time. These workouts are varied so tricking your muscles all the time maximising results. Your options are to increase the weight, beat your previous time or both. Either way, you will want to better yourself everytime. Simple yet effective exercises combined to give you the best results during your time at the gym.

Doors open 3-5 minutes before the session starts.

PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING: You must inform the instructor of any reasons that may affect you during exercise such as injuries and allergies should there be a medical emergency.

For ladies who are pregnant, we can offer options during the sessions where possible, just let us know. If you have just given child birth, we will require a back to exercise clearance from your GP.

Please also leave at least one emergency contact number in the notes when booking.

Unfortunately no refunds possible if you decide to cancel.